Supporting Small Business: 6 Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

Supporting Small Business

Nowadays, small businesses are looking to broaden the horizons of their IT more than ever. This can help smaller organisations compete with their larger competitors more effectively, as well as provide a better customer service and experience for their existing clients. But IT can be a tough thing to manage, which is why many small businesses are now outsourcing their IT to a professional provider. We spoke to one of these providers – TechQuarters, who have been working with small businesses since 2010. Below are 6 examples of the benefits that businesses can get from outsourced IT support providers like them.

  • Cybersecurity

For small businesses, cybersecurity can be tricky. Some small organisations may be tempted to assume they’re unlikely to get hit with a cyberattack; this, combined with the expense, can lead to many businesses neglecting their security. As an IT support company London-based small businesses have been working with for more than 10 years, TechQuarters confirmed that small businesses definitely need cybersecurity, and working with an IT provider can make the process of implementing it easier.

IT partners are not only more experienced with security than the average small business outside of the tech sector, but they may also have partnerships that make implementing the right measures more cost effective than if the client tried to do it all themselves.

  • IT Consumables

Businesses rely on all kinds of IT hardware nowadays. At the bare minimum, computers are needed for employees to work. But, more often than not, additional consumables are necessary. This can range from keyboards, mice and headsets, to second monitors, docking stations, and even tablets or smartphones. These kinds of IT consumable can come at a premium. However, IT companies generally partner with vendors to get preferential rates for hardware. Many IT providers even offer hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) to their clients, meaning small don’t need to invest in their own hardware assets, but can instead access the hardware they need in a cost effective way.

  • Proactive Support

Professional IT companies have been pioneering better IT support models for decades. In many organisations, the break-fix model is still in use. However, outsourced IT services more often than not opt for a more proactive model of support. For example, TechQuarters stated that they leverage monitoring to help them anticipate IT issues. Businesses should not have to wait around for their IT provider respond to their calls – outsourcing can connect organisations with a better standard of support.

  • Control IT Expenses

IT can be a costly function within businesses, but working with an outsourced IT support provider can help to optimize and manage the expense. This is why many small businesses opt for outsourced IT, rather than building their own in-house department – the small business IT support London-based SMBs is much more cost-effective than hiring and training staff will ever be. Outsourced services also qualify as an operational expense, meaning businesses can claim the expense back from their taxes. And finally, a good IT support services can help shave running costs down by minimizing downtime and improving productivity in the organisation.

  • Get More Done

Many businesses retain their in-house IT staff whilst also working with an outsourced IT provider. To some this may seem like redundancy. However, there are benefits to both external and internal support, and using both enables businesses to get more done in the same amount of time. Some businesses choose to outsource the day-to-day maintenance of their IT to their provider; or else they can leverage the resources and expertise of their provider to complete projects, whilst their in-house team keep the infrastructure ticking over.

  • Improve Your IT Mission

As technology has grown increasingly valuable for businesses over the last decade, many more organisations are elevating it in their list of business priorities. An outsourced IT support provider can help you with progressing your IT mission. For instance, are you looking to migrate to the cloud? Do you want to leverage automation to improve workflow efficiency? Having provided IT support from Guildford to London, and to many other parts of the UK, TechQuarters confirmed that have an IT partner in your corner can help you along the way to achieving even the loftiest of IT goals.

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